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Pangu Yoga is a simple yet powerful practice of Yoga, grounded in love and kindness, deepening our connection with the Divine.



The practice of Yoga is probably one of the most popular mind/body exercises in the United States today, credited with bringing thousands restored health, freedom from pain, increased vitality and a tranquil, balanced mind. 

Pangu Shengong is an energy cultivation exercise (Qigong) known world-wide for its remarkable curative effects.  It’s founder, Grandmaster Wen Wei Ou, collaborated with Anisha Desai Fraser in 2011 to infuse this discipline with the Divine healing light and energy transmitted through Pangu Shengong, resulting in a very powerful, highly charged practice that is sure to be life changing!  You need not have any Yoga or Qigong experience to benefit from this wonderful journey.

Pangu Yoga is a fusion of a gentle, powerful Yoga practice, and the transformative Qi energy cultivation and experience of Pangu Shengong.  Firmly rooted in the principles of Love and Kindness, the practice is designed to strengthen Life Force and deep Divine connection through a beautiful synergistic harmony of movement and breath, a love-filled mantra, profound visualization and specialized Qigong breathing patterns.  Its gentle flow of postures builds and balances life force in organs and muscles and boosts immunity through an infusion of deep calm, relaxation and contentment.  

The Pangu Yoga form follows a typical Yoga practice, yet the internal feeling and experience are often beyond words.  Each form concludes with Pranayama (yogic breathing techniques) and a profoundly restorative Savasana (extended relaxation).  

Link on Resource Page below to Anisha Desai Fraser's website, to learn more about Pangu Yoga and Pangu Yoga class schedule.

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