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QI International Inc offers both the traditional Industrial & Systems Engineering approach of coaching executives and their teams to achieve measurable operational improvement results as well as, if an organization wishes, training organizational facilitators of transformational change and additional staff members in the classical eastern methods (Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation) to calm the mind, develop tolerance and understanding, allowing for enhanced team work and performance to facilitate an organization experiencing a leap forward in performance, achieving measurable results they would otherwise struggle to attain.

John Paul's background provides an excellent platform for successfully motivating, challenging, and coaching executives, practitioners, program leaders, and department leaders to achieve desired outcomes. 

John Paul focuses on operational leadership and organizational performance, using his background as an engineer, teacher, coach, and  western and eastern patient care clinician to help others achieve transformational results for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

Through his work as an independent consultant and as the founder of QI International, he has engaged with diverse organizations throughout healthcare - suppliers, providers, clinics, hospitals, business centers, and academic centers. He successfully coaches leaders to design and deliver transformational initiatives that will bring their organizations to a higher level of awareness, achievement, and performance.

John Paul earned a Ph.D. in Industrial & Systems Engineering specializing in Human Factors & System Safety Engineering, a M.S. in Industrial & Systems Engineering with a focus in Management Systems Engineering, and a B.S. in Industrial & Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech.  In addition, he obtained a Masters of Acupuncture and

EMT-Paramedic / ACLS / PALS / NRP / BTLS.

Leadership & Management Development

  • Creating business growth through customer & market assessments, current capacity analysis, bottleneck and resource constraint identification & successful resolution

  • Increasing cooperation and productive dialogue within and between work teams

  • Improving operational effectiveness by establishing scorecards; linking strategies, tactics, and measures

  • Aligning departments to accomplish interdependent functions, creating clear expectations and accountability

  • Managing resources efficiently, with greater mission success, i.e. labor costs, supply costs, patient throughput, productivity, and customer satisfaction

  • Inspiring individuals to greater personal & professional growth

Areas of Potential Focus

  • Organizational current state assessments

  • Strategic & tactical plan development

  • Developing and implementing organizational dashboards to achieve and sustain gains

  • Implementing structured transformational change

  • Developing organizational facilitators of change

  • Enhancing capabilities to meet customer’s expectations

  • Optimizing patient throughput

  • Case management to decrease case rate length of stay, decrease clinical denials, & improve physician relations

  • DRG focused clinical outcomes and resource utilization

  • Revenue cycle workflow: registration, charge capture, accounts payable, & management of insurance denials

  • Implementation of tools to provide operational benchmark data

Results from Recent Organizational Excellence Client Engagements

  • 2020 Healthgrades America 250 Best Hospitals – Top 5% in nation for overall clinical excellence

  • Client receiving Joint Commission request to publish Process Improvement Method as “National Best Practice”

  • Increasing EBIDA margin by 4% with 80% government payer mix

  • 2020 Healthgrades top 100 in nation: Orthopedic surgery

  • Leapfrog A grade for hospital quality and safety

  • 2019 top performer Emergency Department HCAHPS (Patient Perspective survey metric) score in Region, most improved in System

  • 14% improvement with highly sustainable staff engagement metric

  • Significant reduction in Hospital Acquired Infections

  • 19% decrease with Emergency Department arrival to discharge time

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