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Qigong & Tai Chi Resources

We are pleased to provide you with additional resources in your search for information related to Qigong and Tai Chi instruction and healing.  We are grateful to our teachers and colleagues who continue to inspire and motivate us to learn and grow.


Audio Files


Books / Articles

Vincent's school: Gin Soon Chu Tai Chi Federation

Dimitri's school: Internal Arts Institute

Audio File: Pangu Shengong Foundational Qi Moving Form, Practicing Form Step-By-Step Instructions w/Counting by M. Ou for sale at

This audio file is also available on



M. Ou has made this song available for free, along with an English translation of the Cantonese characters sung in this song.  As you listen to the song being sung, if you watch your computer screen and you will see the corresponding English words appear in the video on YouTube.  

M. Ou has created several CDs containing songs and chants.  His CDs contain both classical Cantonese love songs, and songs he has originally composed which are rich in love - for students to use to listen, to help them feel and experience a radiant loving feeling emanating from their heart.

An album which includes this audio file is available for sale at

Audio File: What is Love by M. Ou available on

M. Ou composed and recorded a song - title "What is Love".  The song is sung in Cantonese. It's available for free download on YouTube, along with the translation English translation.  Entire album, including this song, is also available for download at ITunes online store.

Push Hands - Internal Arts Institute   (Dimitri pushing hands with students)

Push Hands - Gin Soon Tai Chi Club  (Vincent and Dimitri pushing hands)

Articles: Various Topics by Grand Master Ou, Wen Wei

Articles: Various Topics by Master Vincent Chu

Book: Pangu Shengong by Grand Master Ou, Wen Wei (Temporarily Out-of-Print)

Introductory book to the Pangu Shengong System, a brief history of qigong, the basic philosophy and principles that the Pangu Shengong System is based, description of postures and steps of the Pangu Shengong Foundational Qi Moving Form, and some delicious recipes for those who like to cook nurturing home made dishes.  The original version of this book was first published in 1997 in China. It was written for Pangu Shengong students as a textbook. It was translated into English and published in the United States in 1999. The revised version in English was published in 2008.  A revised version is in the final stage of revisions, ETA July 2021.  This new version will be more readable in English with profound in meaning.  Several chapters are being added which will include additional articles written by M. Ou, as well as a chapter on cooking.

Book: Tai Chi Chuan: A Comparative Study by Master Vincent Chu

A Comparative Study, lays out in clear language and detailed photographs the theory and practice of Tai Chi Chuan, clarifies important concepts and points of emphasis that have until now remained elusive in the available literature on the subject. From basic demonstrations of proper posture to an eye-opening discussion of 'intent', this book offers something for practitioners of all levels.

Book: Qigong - Rediscovering Our Humanity by Paul Fraser

Qigong is seen by many as something mystical or otherworldly, yet, in ancient China, it was considered an internally based technology, accessible to all, offering powerful yet simple techniques to strengthen health and vitality.  Qigong: Rediscovering Our Humanity offers a remedy for many of today’s concerns involving physical health, emotional balance, and the nurturing of the planet we inhabit. It discusses the nature of qi, the history of qigong and its influence on medicine, martial arts, and ancient and modern culture, and includes safe, easy-to-follow instructions with illustrations for three styles of qi cultivation.

Book: The Root of Chinese Qigong: Secrets of Health, Longevity, & Enlightenment by Dr. Jwing-Ming Yang, Ph.D.

Book: Tai Chi Touchstones: Yang Family Secret Transmission 8th Edition

by Doug Wiles

Three generations of Yang family masters lifted the art of T’ai-chi ch’uan from a closed courtyard in the Honan Province to the status of a national treasure and made of it, like India’s yoga, a gift to the world. Yang Lu-ch’an in the nineteenth century, followed by his sons and their sons, have given Tai chi chuan the theoretical and practical standard which still defines and shapes the art for a majority of practitioners today. This book draws together the written and photographic record of their teachings, a legacy spanning more than fifty years of published material. The contents include oral instruction, mnemonic verses and training songs, commentaries to the Tai chi Classics, essays, autobiography, and family legends, much of which have not been previously translated.

Articles: Testimonials of Results Achieved from Practicing Pangu Shengong

by Pangu Shengong Students

The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi: 12 Weeks to a Healthy Body, Strong Heart, and Sharp Mind (Harvard Health Publications)

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